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Author: Erni Vales

I was raised in lower Manhattan, semi catholic, semi Puerto Rican, and from my meager upbringings I now know I was destined to become someone very semi to super boring. Little did I know I was on a course for a creative adventure of a lifetime! I was to become a graffiti artist, professionally where there really was none before!

And in the decades to follow I have painted many miles of color that would surely reach the moon and back several times (I’m not terribly sure that’s true but it sure feels that way judging from my daily aches and pains). I have been blessed with an amazing talent, without it I would be someone very regular. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the worlds conflict could be settled through passion. Can you imagine a world where one nation, who is so angry at another nation that they want to murder its children just stopped for a moment, and took a second to try the food, to see the art, to hear their music and, OMG forbid to take 1 more step to learn about how their food, art, music and so forth became to be? I see on the news and on Facebook and other so called social blah blahs how easy it has become for a human to take the life of another, so scarily easy but I believe that if people stepped outside their own comfort zone, their own boundaries and came to regard their “so called” enemies as human, like themselves, like their own families, like their own children then maybe, maybe someone in some conflict would yell at the top of their lungs “ENOUGH!” I forgive! 

Only in America folks, only in America.

For years now i have been noticing that, mostly on American cars, not so much the foriegn ones but definitely on American that when yo open the trunk you would fing this little moniker.

Its actually a glow in the dark pull release that opens the trunk from the inside, i want you to take a moment and really think this through with me, so if you happen to out and about and find yourself, oh, lets say locked in the trunk of your, or possibly a friends car, well no longer need you have a fear about this because all cars now come with this handy escape latch.

Recently I have had the misfortune to having to re-assess some of my friendships that I thought had already stood the test of time, some more than several decades old, relationships that I really believed to be completely solid but seems I was mistaken and what I thought was deep, mature relationships was in reality myself holding on to the nostalgia of the memories shared with these people. 

Cyprus! Island? Country? Greek? Turkish? Its hard to say. Spending time anywhere, including the last really occupied land on Earth, all depends on the people you meet and the experiences you encountered and although Cyprus has its share of issues, the people I met made this journey

I must confess, I was very excited when my partners at the new Tippling Hall spot in Chicago gave me free reign in the long corridor that leads to the restrooms. They wanted me to just throw down some old school graffiti, make it entertaining was all they asked because the corridor is long. The bathroom corridor, also shared by the buildings tenants is the one area most patrons of the restaurant will see but only in passing. 

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