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An Unusual Journey

This is a topic very close to my heart. A topic, time and place all very close and dear to me. Art and Design high school and those years I spent there, mostly cutting classes to hang in the lunch room then having to make them all up because my spiteful butt refused to transfer to my zone school, Seward Park, school for determined dropouts as it was warmingly referred to.

First of all, let me just say, yes, I am the originator of the popular 3D style of graffiti. Graffiti artists were always trying to get their pieces to literally “bounce” from the walls. Most every piece ever done up until mine in 1993 had similar formulas. The fill or fill-in, an outline and then some type of either frame, or framing background color. Shadow, usually a directional drop shadow that would give the outline of the piece more weight to appear more dominant and lastly a 3D which would also be a directional, usually 45 or 90 or 180 degree angles. These 3Ds were usually in another color from the actual piece, meaning they made the piece take more paint as well as time to do but all still were to give the entire piece the feeling of more weight.  

So here I am in the 2nd showing of paintings for a 13 part series, I had really no feedback yet except that people were really digging the misfits and that series and I was hoping there was enough of a graffiti aficionado crowd to

Money, the root of EVL? I’ts a theme that will definitely repeat during the course of "An Unusual Journey". Money, everyone loves it, everyone needs it, everyone wants it! I struggled with piece though, sometimes i have a very clear image in my head about

Certain letters in general are more challenging than others, which is why they appear often in my paintings. I chose the “R” to do both as origami as well as animal because it moves more freely in my mind. To me it can be sexy

Poor little Tatts, all he wanted after a rough day was to sneak into a dark alley, have a drink and some smokes just to contemplate life but his peace would be interrupted by the bright spotlight of the local authorities. Could the day get worse?

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