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Welcome one and welcome all to my newly, revamped, reworked and re-imagined 2016 EVLworld and all things Erni newsletter! (mild applause haha).

The theme for this newsletter is procrastination, since I have been putting it off for years, it seems, but no longer will I deprive my friends of important, well maybe in the scheme of things in life not that important, but as far as my career goes, fairly important news, info and progress on the myriad of creative chapters in my life today. And the will be discounts for those daring enough to read this thing entirely, honor system completely of course.

Around 8 years ago I began this artistic adventure, first in Wynwood (Miami’s Art District for those that still haven’t heard of Wynwood) and I’m proud to announce our first growth beyond there. Jaco, Costa Rica will be the 2nd home of EVLworld.

How does a thing like this happen you may ask? Or probably didn’t ask but I will ramble upon it regardless.

It started oddly enough several decades ago when I was doing murals in Boca Raton, for reals, I love when life does these strange and bizarre surf circles around your head. In Boca, I painted many a club and one of the places was a sushi restaurant attached to a club called Boca Rock and Sushi and I met the dude in charge, Adam. A very cool and honest guy swimming in a sea of sharks and as the murals came to life I couldn’t almost feel bad knowing his enthusiasm would be destroyed by the dirty business around him. 

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