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Old paintings

Finally have gotten some time to invest into digitizing many of my older and lost pieces and here is an outline I have been really wanting to clean and re-release. It's a piece that is pure 3D and has none of the abstractions and background

This painting was originally titled "Tattoo Back" It was a painting i really loved. It hung in my tiny apt. on 29th street until i ran into my good friend Janet, NYC police officer, completely gay, and one of my best friends! After running into

ok, so i believe the actual photographer of the original photo is Sante De' Orazio and if i spelled that wrong, my apologies. I have always been drawn to beautiful photography, who hasn't? Pretty pretty people, a sharp lens and "wow!' great shot! Me personally

Esplanade 1999 Esplanade, 180 st. station in the Bronx was the spot I “allegedly”  painted many many a subway car. You could stand on these massive concrete “tombs” (as we called them) and lean way over to reach the top of the subway car to paint

This piece came after Tyson and Christina when I was starting to get really into this darker more emotional style and I began leaving the painted image behind in favor of a more classic graffiti icon, the arrow. I also began using more different tags,

Here is the culmination of the vandalizing and 3D style merging into one canvas, with authentic tags from Smith and Revs and my wild “Style” piece (read sideways from bottom to top) I reached the pinnacle of what this particular journey would bring me too.

Cristina 1996 This is the first of what was to become a series using a more vandalized, deteriorated painting style on my painting. It began as a portrait of what would become a very very X-girlfriend, It looked amazing just like her, no naturally i had

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