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Recent Paintings

For over 3 decades I have been known to create many styles through my graffiti, paintings and murals. I’d use any medium: spray paint, airbrush, paint brush, oils, acrylics, even Photoshop – my tools to develop my styles. Neither the tools, nor the surface mattered – paper, canvas, brick, steel or screen – the only important thing was, and still is- is the outcome. Creating cutting edge concepts and styles, always pushing creative envelopes to stay ahead of my peers has always been my MO. 

Cyprus! Island? Country? Greek? Turkish? Its hard to say. Spending time anywhere, including the last really occupied land on Earth, all depends on the people you meet and the experiences you encountered and although Cyprus has its share of issues, the people I met made this journey

I must confess, I was very excited when my partners at the new Tippling Hall spot in Chicago gave me free reign in the long corridor that leads to the restrooms. They wanted me to just throw down some old school graffiti, make it entertaining was all they asked because the corridor is long. The bathroom corridor, also shared by the buildings tenants is the one area most patrons of the restaurant will see but only in passing. 

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