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Erni Paints For Kids!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always gotten along with kids. Even when I was a young one myself until this day, even with kids who I don’t share a language with, I seem to always find a way to bond and communicate– either through humor or art. I’m like the kid-whisperer.

I love the sound of kids’ laughter; it brightens my heart. So, after many years of commissions and commercial creations, I get to finally embark on my personal pet project involving two of my most favorite things in life: kids, and graffiti.

This project will have me doing my thing– graffiti-ing colorful displays of kids names on canvas by an original NYC pioneer. The children’s first pieces will hopefully grow into a creative collection! The art will be something they can travel to new homes with, as they grow older– A piece of actual NYC history customized just for them.

I have already begun this project, and as you can tell, the kids love my concept! Bigly! I love those smiles and laughter. I’m hoping that the adults get what I am creating and inquire about ordering an original custom piece for sons, daughters, nieces, nephews… preferably before they turn 18, because once kids enter adulthood, they begin their new journeys and start to stop being just “kids.”

If you want to be the absolute coolest parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, or just absolutely cool for kids, contact us for more info!

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