Roots of EVL

EVL (Erni Vales Ltd) has little to do with evil, but much more to do with vices. Vice is often defined as an immoral habit or practice. I could not however find a clear or satisfying definition to what is immoral. Whose morality has the ability to judge another thus labeling them, “immoral?” We all live with our vices, I declare mine proudly through my art, if I didn’t have my art would I still proudly declare? Probably not as doing so is viewed on as, well, immoral! My EVL World is not founded in immorality but in creativity and my art always embraces the flaws in myself as well as the people around me, its the flaws and breaks in life that serve to color our futures, it makes us real. If I buried or re-pressed my vices I’m sure my art wouldn’t be as touching, humorous or as well received. I am a creative misfit and luckily I have found my home in the world of my paintings.

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