Baby Dragon, The Remix

Baby Dragon, The Remix


Baby Dragon, The Remix

The Baby Dragon idea came to me over 25 years ago and is more a personal piece for myself than anyone else. I actually attempted to paint him on a subway way back when but had to abandon the mission after a shard of glass went through my sneaker into my foot. First-aid immediately became the goal, but in the back of my mind I always knew I would return to Baby Dragon and finish him with due justice!

Part of “Pop-Pourri” Show

13″x19″ Hi Res ink jet prints on Premium Presentation Matte Paper

24″x18″ Limited edition of 200. Print on Aluminum high gloss Panel. Scratch resistant, durable UV coating. Comes with our custom 5/8″ thick mounting strip.

30″x20″ Limited edition of 50. Print on Aluminum.

45″x34″ Limited edition of 2. Print on Aluminum.

36″x48″ Original, Acrylics on canvas

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