DJ Mind Control

DJ Mind Control


DJ Mind Control

A favorite and recurring of mine theme is music, house music to be more precise. People incorrectly assume that my roots in graffiti naturally make me some part of hip hop. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Although I enjoyed the beginnings of hip hop, today’s hip hop is foreign to me and not nearly as exciting and original as the pioneers. Today’s affliction for me is house music! I have come to love house music with a passion! Addicted to it’s melodic spell, I love the house DJ, I hate the DJ! Definitely some kind of freaky mind control going on!

Part of “The Recap” Show

13″x19″ Hi Res ink jet prints on Premium Presentation Matte Paper
24″x18″ Limited edition of 200. Print on Aluminum high gloss Panel. Scratch resistant, durable UV coating. Comes with our custom 5/8″ thick mounting strip.
30″x20″ Limited edition of 50. Print on Aluminum.
45″x34″ Limited edition of 2. Print on Aluminum.

36″x48″ Original, Acrylics on canvas

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