I’ve always wondered how certain fetishes came to be and what drove certain minds to push certain cultural limits to where they are. When did latex and PVC become a symbol for naughtiness and sexual abandon? The word Fetish comes from the 15th century Portuguese word feitico, meaning “charm, or to charm”. Could this be a false power? Nowadays, fetish involves the transfer of power from an original source onto a substitute. A fetishist is someone who operates outside the circle of what is usually considered normal. I ask who is it that decides what is considered normal and why? Can fetish be a pseudonym for extreme creativity!

Part of “Vices” Show

13″x19″ Hi Res ink jet prints on Premium Presentation Matte Paper

24″x18″ Limited edition of 200. Print on Aluminum high gloss Panel. Scratch resistant, durable UV coating. Comes with our custom 5/8″ thick mounting strip.

30″x20″ Limited edition of 50. Print on Aluminum.

45″x34″ Limited edition of 2. Print on Aluminum.

36″x48″ Original, Acrylics on canvas

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