Love and Hate

Love and Hate


Love and Hate

Whether you pinned or prodded someone, or someone poked and prickled you, we have all felt the sharp stings, pinches and pains as much as the joys, euphoria and glow of love at one time or another. Emotions that stir parts of your soul you never knew existed before then. Pleasure and pain that will ultimately become the emotional baggage we each have brought to every relationship after, meaningful or not!

Part of “Gaggle of Mischief” Show

13″x19″ Hi Res ink jet prints on Premium Presentation Matte Paper

24″x18″ Limited edition of 200.
30″x20″ Limited edition of 50.
35″x35″ Limited edition of 25.
40″x40″ Limited edition of 2.

Print on Aluminum high gloss Panel. Scratch resistant, durable UV coating. Comes with our custom 5/8″ thick preslotted mounting strip.

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