No Sleep Till Brooklyn

No Sleep Till Brooklyn


No Sleep Till Brooklyn

It’s no use, you will never get away from Brooklyn, it’s in the DNA. No matter how fast, or how far you try to run you won’t escape, you’ll never get away! The bright lights of Manhattan will taunt you forever from that unreachable distance. The few who do get away still end up carrying an insatiable yearning for home, Brooklyn!

Part of “The Recap” Show

13″x19″ Hi Res ink jet prints on Premium Presentation Matte Paper
24″x18″ Limited edition of 200. Print on Aluminum high gloss Panel. Scratch resistant, durable UV coating. Comes with our custom 5/8″ thick mounting strip.
30″x20″ Limited edition of 50. Print on Aluminum.
45″x34″ Limited edition of 2. Print on Aluminum.

36″x48″ Original, Acrylics on canvas

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