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One Love

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the worlds conflict could be settled through passion. Can you imagine a world where one nation, who is so angry at another nation that they want to murder its children just stopped for a moment, and took a second to try the food, to see the art, to hear their music and, OMG forbid to take 1 more step to learn about how their food, art, music and so forth became to be? I see on the news and on Facebook and other so called social blah blahs how easy it has become for a human to take the life of another, so scarily easy but I believe that if people stepped outside their own comfort zone, their own boundaries and came to regard their “so called” enemies as human, like themselves, like their own families, like their own children then maybe, maybe someone in some conflict would yell at the top of their lungs “ENOUGH!” I forgive! 

“I forgive!!!” I have read the bible, from what I know of it it screams (as Dr. King preached!) to forgive, your enemy, and to love your enemy and their children as you would love your own! That’s what I learned and as hard as it has been for me to learn forgiveness. *

I believe that through culture, through sounds, taste, dance, arts we can begin healing because we can humanize our most hated, but I also believe that the profiteers and warmongers don’t want to see any of that, they want to “perpetuate the hate” for ulterior motives. I believe big corporations do not have me as the entity they care most about, and the politicians that work for them seem to prove that fact more so than not. People who still believe politicians will save this world, I feel sad for. It takes a very strong and independent individual that can begin a path of forgiveness, it’s not easy but in life today what worthy goal is?So I do what I can, best as possible. I lead a life today I am proud of, free of lies and drama. Yes there is still some “mystery” but what’s life without a little bit of that?

*I didn’t become besties again, that may never happen but I found it in myself to forgive, to release the anger, the angst, the hurt, that never meant I would be friends again with the people that caused that hurt but at least I wasn’t angry. Anger is a very hard emotion to not only carry but to fuel as well!

Run Stupid
Style Pt. 2
Written by:

He may be best known for his development of the 3D graffiti style that has influenced thousands worldwide to follow his technique; however, Vales, has a portfolio reaching far beyond what might be expected from a graffiti artist. Now a creative powerhouse, Vales has completed many successful projects ranging from large-scale murals, to art directing films and videos, fashion, photography to restaurant and nightclub interior design worldwide. His collaborations have placed him in the heart of Google’s NYC office and the surreal world of photographer David LaChapelle. He has also worked closely with video director Hype Williams, spanning his art across all mediums.

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