LES in My New Style

LES in My New Style

Pop Art Graffiti, Original Graffiti Art, Graffiti Pop Art, Pop Art Original, Original Pop Art, Buy Graffiti ArtI know its been a very long while since my last newsletter, and don’t worry
I wont be boring you with any details, but I am happy to say I will resume my
updates again and release a newsletter for each new painting I complete or
any cool projects I am working on.

I’m quite excited about this new series, the acting name so far is
Freaky Diki Kitchen Sinky for now. Basically its every painting technique
I have learned through the past 4 decades all rolled into one.

“L.E.S.” is an homage to the neighborhood I grew up in, Lower East Side in
Manhattan, where although its not the place I grew up in I still cant help but
reminisce of all the adventures I had there. I could have stayed with my 3D graff style but there are too many people doing my style worldwide so I felt the need to push the envelope further so while there is still dimensions the dimensions don’t always make sense so instead of capturing the depth of the shapes I decided to bring backgrounds forward and vice versa.

Signed paper prints and limited edition prints on aluminum as always. Anyone
interested contact Red@evlworld.com. Thanks!

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He may be best known for his development of the 3D graffiti style that has influenced thousands worldwide to follow his technique; however, Vales, has a portfolio reaching far beyond what might be expected from a graffiti artist. Now a creative powerhouse, Vales has completed many successful projects ranging from large-scale murals, to art directing films and videos, fashion, photography to restaurant and nightclub interior design worldwide. His collaborations have placed him in the heart of Google’s NYC office and the surreal world of photographer David LaChapelle. He has also worked closely with video director Hype Williams, spanning his art across all mediums.

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