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Someone recently told me I was old now, for the first time in my life I found that statement to be so funny. Yes I have been here now many years but old, I don’t think so.  Its true I was painting subways cars in the 80s at a feverish pace which has brought me “legitimacy” in the graffiti art and commercial world, a world that I remember being a part of hundreds of people, today I guesstimate I am now a part of close to a million, worldwide.

Graffiti, the foundation of my career (who knew?) is a worldwide phenomenon and I am proud to be a part of its history. Its true, because of graffiti I have traveled the globe, painted for celebrities, been written about and have been able to challenge the artist in me for well into 30 years now.

Its true I would have painted on anything back then and yes, its true I still will paint on anything that stands till long enough, the difference today is that If I spray paint your car I will send you an invoice afterward. What a great life!
I have learned many things on my journey and gathered many wonderful friends that without graffiti I would never have had the opportunity to meet, photographers, painters, filmmakers, builders, lawyers, skaters and well you get it.. I have learned that there isn’t a medium that I cant find a way to express, or communicate thru and that’s really the foundation of graffiti, communication and its true, I enjoy that.

I have become less “old” these days, reinvigorated by the new challenges in life and its true that I will be sharing more on this website than in my previous sites, this site I will try to share my thoughts, my ideas that drove my body to create and create I did, thousands on thousands of drawings, sketches, paintings weather with tools or lately digitally I create, I hope to color everyone’s world with at least one small splash of color, of life and share my times with anyone interested enough to take a look.

Its true I’m old, but I’m so much younger than I ever was.

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